Sunday, September 12, 2010

Lessons from Strategic Planning

I have the privilege of being a member of our district's Strategic Planning Team in which we are looking five to ten years into the future at what we want for our children in Katy. I am in awe of the people who were chosen to be on the committee, those who will direct the future of education in our district: school board members, directors, principals, teachers, counselors, business leaders, and parents.

What an incredible experience to learn from each other and to all focus on one goal: changing the face of education for our children and becoming a model for others around us.

A few ideas:

  • Adding different venues for learning as well as time frame for learning to make it more indivudualized.
  • Adjusting the way schools "look" to enhance learning experiences.
  • Strategically abandon those programs and projects as well as structures that don't fit with what we need for our students.
  • Utilize individual student footprints for each child so they know how they best learn, what the best environment for learning looks like for them, and how we can best serve them.
  • Implement a Project- and Passion-Based learning experience for our children from elementary school through high school.

    Purely Amazing Experience!

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