Saturday, April 9, 2011

What if . . .

What if . . .
  • We could have wi-fi on the school buses like a district in South Carolina?
  • We ran a report of all taxpayers over 60 and asked their opinion on things. They have been a "forgotten" stakeholder who have time on their hands for assistance such as volunteering, mentoring, or tutoring.
  • A class made an app together. It is a way of writing and critically thinking about a real world situation.
  • We had a "Napsterfication of learning" --Graham Brown-Martin
  • We used QR codes on district announcements, mailouts, and things going home from campuses?
  • We had a New Tech High School like Coppell ISD?
  • We had an app for iOS and Andriod like Comal ISD?
  • We looked at a different system like the FB page or app or twitter for disseminating information?

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